Welcome to lovemetwice!


My name is Taryn. I am lucky to live in the gorgeous city of Cape Town, South Africa. I am a wife, mother, and lover of all things beautiful.

I have always been passionate about fashion, both personally and professionally, and have worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years. Over the past few years, I noticed a huge move to recycled fashion. I realised that there was an opportunity for helping like-minded fashionistas to rehome their pre-loved luxury pieces.

My vision was to create a platform that provided a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers to trade pre-loved, excellent quality, high fashion and designer products. I envisioned the perfect balance between cost-effective shopping and sustainability, through the recycling of luxe fashion.

Since 2018 I have nurtured a sophisticated supplier base, providing top-end products that my buyers continue to love and purchase.

I am meticulous in my product procurement, and only sell items that are up to my personal standard. The result is a perfectly curated collection of beautiful, timeless and fashionable pieces. My business approach is hands-on and personalised, ensuring an easy and accessible client experience. I hope you can join me in this exciting world of pre-loved high-quality designer fashion.

taryn sive