Terms and Conditions

love.me.twice.sa (LMT) is a preloved luxury fashion consignment virtual store.

LMT is an e-commerce & Instagram business and has no physical store. All products are viewed and sold strictly by appointment, or directly off the LMT Instagram account.

LMT showcases only higher end, 100% authenticated luxury brands (NO replicas or fakes).

Mid-and high-end denim brands will be considered, depending on trends and demand.


Terms for consignor/supplier

These terms and conditions will be applicable to all products delivered by the Consignor named (you) for sale through love.me.twice.sa Instagram or any of our other channels. These terms and conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between you and us.

Acceptance of goods; conditions of items

We accept brand new or lightly used goods in excellent condition. We ask that all items be cleaned/dry cleaned or clear of any marks or odours. Upon receipt, we will thoroughly evaluate the goods to determine the authenticity and condition. Condition issues may affect the value of the item. Items of goods that do not meet our standards will not be accepted . We do not accept counterfeit items for consignment.


LMT showcases only higher end, 100% authenticated luxury brands (NO replicas or fakes).

LMT has taken every effort to ensure all items promoted & sold on the love.me.twice.sa Instagram platform are 100% authentic.

love.me.twice.sa has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to Fakes.

Where evidence identifies false representation, the seller will be removed & love.me.twice.sa reserves the right to take take further action. love.me.twice.sa fully cooperates with brands seeking to track down the source of counterfeit items, which includes revealing the contact information of consignors submitting counterfeit goods.

Should you wish to sell your items on the love.me.twice.sa platform & authenticity documentation cannot be provided, an authentication service is available to the seller at R400 per piece. This can be settled upfront or taken off payment once the item is sold. Should there be a non sale, the product will be returned once payment for the certification has been made.

By signing & agreeing to this, the seller acknowledges & confirms 100% authenticity of all product being supplied to love.me.twice.sa.

Consignment period

The consignment period for an item of goods shall begin on the date the goods are consigned in-store for the duration of 6 weeks. The consignment period is not limited to 6 weeks and the goods may remain on consignment for as long as required to sell or at the consignor’s discretion. Once the term has passed the goods may be collected at any time at the consignors discretion.

Efforts to sell; pricing

Upon acceptance of the goods, we will display them for sale, online and across all of our digital platforms. We will make all reasonable efforts to sell the goods.  We will advise and discuss a suitable market-related price. We will notify you of any offers we receive that are below the asking price, with the acceptance or rejection of any such offers entirely up to your discretion.

Delivery of goods; risk of loss; insurance

We accept the goods from you on a consignment basis only. All risk of loss or damage of the goods will pass to us when the goods are in our physical possession. You retain all risk of loss or damage to the goods while the goods are in transit to us. Should the goods be damaged or lost whilst in our physical possession, we will compensate you to the nett agreed value of the product, being the amount you would’ve received should the goods have been sold at the full agreed price less our commission.

Payment and commissions

On the sale of any item, you will receive a payment of the sale price of your goods less the applicable commission.

Our commission rates:

  • 50% of the selling price for all items under R2000
  • 30% of the selling price for all items under R5000
  • 25% of the selling price for all items under R15000
  • 20% of the selling price for all items under R50000

All prices are worked out according to a market-related value & agreed upon between the seller & LMT.

This amount shall be your sole compensation under this agreement. Payments are processed electronically, on a 2 week turn around from date of sale. Once your goods are sold, you will be informed of the sale and your respective payout date.